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Concrete Decorative Finishes For Your Home

On top of the basic smooth finish, we offer several types of “decorative” finishes. Each adding their own display of luxury but primarily giving you the opportunity to fully customize the hardscapes of your home (driveways, walkways, garage floors, patios, etc.)

Also, if there’s any other custom concrete that you’ve seen and you’d like at your home, let us know and we’ll see if we have the ability to match it. There are always some very unique patterns out there that are just little manipulations of the basic concrete, so typically, we’ll be able to make it to your liking.

Give us a call today and let’s make your vision become a reality!

Learn About Our Finishing Methods:

Exposed Aggregate

This is when after the concrete has been placed, a method is used to expose the decorative aggregate. There are several methods used depending on the look you’re going for. Even though the top of the stone or “aggregate” is exposed, the bottom part is permanently embedded in the concrete.

The most common method of today is using a surface retarder. This is where we place the substance over the concrete just after its put down. This causes the surface to not harden for about a day or so, while the rest of the concrete fully dries. We then go in and wipe up or pressure wash the surface and the aggregate is successfully exposed.

A much older method for exposing aggregate is brushing and washing. Though not commonly done anymore, it is simple and doesn’t require the use of chemicals and special tools. You simply spray the surface with water and brush it away. Keep repeating until the aggregate is at its desired look. The brushing and washing method is typically done in smaller areas.

Broom Finish

Broom finishing is often done to make the cement on sidewalks or driveways slip-resistant. You’ll often notice it when you see it on sidewalks, the very faint lines. Obviously, if it weren’t like this, every time it rains, you’d slip and fall!

Broom finish is done when there’s just the right amount of cement/water ratio after the water within the concrete has evaporated some. At that point, a hard plastic or even wood bristled broom is run back and forth, perpendicular to the slope (if there is any). This has to be done very carefully to make sure it has a nice texture throughout.

Many different types of brooms can be used for this. But these are specially made brooms. There are types with all kinds of sizes of bristles, depending on the type of texture you want. Though you can use a basic broom from your local department store, the concrete specific brooms make everything MUCH EASIER.

Broom finish is common on sidewalks, driveways, and walkways ESPECIALLY those with a slope!

Stamped Concrete

The most aesthetically pleasing type of concrete. Stamped concrete is when there are sections that line up in a pattern and typically have your choice of color and texture. Patios, walkways, and around the pool are the most popular areas, but it can be done anywhere. As you can see, it beautifies just about any area where it’s placed.

An additional benefit to its aesthetics is it’s superior durability and resistance to the weather. It ends up being a cost-effective choice due to the lack of maintenance needed!

Also, on the subject of being cost-effective, stamped concrete is much more affordable compared to natural stone or real brick. Who cares about that stuff if we can just make it look like it anyways!

Get it fully customized to your liking. The options you have for stamped concrete is practically infinite. With all the patterns and colors you can choose from, it’s a wise choice to make your patio and walkway truly stand out!

Another awesome thing you can do with stamped concrete is mixing it with other types of concrete, like exposed aggregate. Using it as a border around the aggregate is an awesome custom feel for any patio or walkway!


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