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Our Services Include All Concrete Finishing Services

Bellevue’s top-rated concrete contractor for:

  • Driveways 
  • Patios 
  • Walkways
  • Garages 
  • Pool Decks
  • Decorative Concrete (exposed aggregate, broom finish, stamped concrete, etc.)
  • Flatwork and Other Hardscapes

Are you looking for a breathtakingly beautiful entrance to your home? The driveway, patio, and walkway are the first thing you and your guests will notice when arriving at your home. These features are fully customizable. So whether you want luxurious and dramatic, simple yet elegant, or anything in between, we have you covered.

We are your creative solution for all concrete finishing work for residential and commercial entrances, walkways and patios.

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Make Your Home "The Talk" Of The Neighborhood!

Homeowners everywhere get custom concrete done to add to the curb appeal of their home.

Home designers, custom home builders, and general contractors are getting bids in every day to make sure they can get this type of concrete for the homes they’re working with. Why? Because they know it adds to not only the beauty of the home but also to the value of the home.

As experts, we can help you bring your vision to life. We’ll also create the natural flow and function from your driveway–your patio–and finally to the walkway of your front door. What you’ll get in the end is satisfaction as your vision has come to life in the most stunning way.


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Driveway Finishing

We start the process by creating a blueprint of the outside of the home, showing us the exact dimensions, grades, measurements, and angles. Then, with your vision, we get the driveway, patio, and walkway on paper. This will have the exact mixtures, the types of decorative concrete, and the precise amount of concrete needed.

Now we’re able to get started with the perimeter. This is put up with stakes and straight-edged wood to ensure the exact measurements and square edges of the concrete. This acts as the “mold” for how the concrete will be poured. After the mold is up, we then add more reinforcement steel inside. This ensures extra strength to the poured concrete and will help keep it from cracking.

Don’t let this talk of square edges scare you. We also have a technique that allows for curved driveways, giving you a natural and uniform look.

Garage Floor Finishes

Garages are another great area for fine, finished concrete. Our most popular finish is a plain smooth finish. Great for comfortability!

We offer all types of customizable concrete. We do exposed aggregate, broom finish, stamped concrete and much more. If you have a certain way you’d like to get the concrete done and have a picture or reference, show us and we’ll gladly match it to your liking.

Types of Hardscape Finishes

Exposed aggregate is perfect for walkways and often driveways as well. This is done by putting a “retarding agent” on top of the concrete, then pressure washing it off after it dries. This causes the small rocks to be exposed and gives you that wonderful natural look. Clients of ours love to get this done with borders of stamped concrete around it. We’ll explain more about stamped concrete in a moment.

Sand finish is another finish that is similar to the exposed aggregate, in how it’s done. But after the pressure wash, you get more of a sandpaper finish. This is much more common for driveways as it looks smooth, but adds friction to the concrete.

Broom finish is another very popular concrete finish. This is what you typically see on sidewalks and walkways. While you may not think it’s great for a “custom look” the truth is, you can pattern it right to give you an awesome elegant and simple look. Not too gaudy, but very professional looking. Broom finish is done by guiding a hard-bristled broom across the top of the wet concrete, then it dries with these slightly exposed “lines”. This also adds friction to walk-ways and sidewalks.

Stamped concrete is the most gorgeous finish we offer. It comes in all kinds of patterns and colors. It truly sets your driveway apart from any other home. It can also be done as a border around other concrete, creating an “accent” that makes a more plain finish truly stand out. This is done by creating the squares of “stamps” beforehand. These are created from molds that offer thousands of different combinations between patterns and colors, giving you a truly customizable look that only YOU will have. Then they are brought to the home and put in the desired location and filled in around the edges.


Create A Breathtaking Exterior For Your Home!

If you’re a homeowner give us a call today and get a quote and an idea of how we can make a custom look to your home. This is the type of customization that sets homes above the rest of them, adding luxury, exclusivity and most importantly, adding value to your home. This value will keep this as a desired home for visitors and also potential buyers in the future. Custom concrete work for the outside of any home is a great investment.

To custom home builders, designers and contractors as well - Let’s meet and talk about how we can add value to the homes you build. This will add to the marketability and ultimately put more money in your pocket with the truly original homes you’re building.

Just think of the beautiful homes you see of celebrities and the ultra-rich… the first thing you probably notice is the outside of the home, from the groundwork (customized concrete finishing), all the way to the pitch of the roof. Join this exclusive group and get your own custom driveway, walk-way and patio today.

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